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‘Israel civilians brought to regime’s jails to watch Palestinians tortured’

Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor says Israeli forces have brought civilian groups to the regime’s detention centers to watch and film Palestinian detainees being tortured.

Citing testimonies from recently released Palestinian detainees, the rights group said Israeli soldiers “brought Israeli civilians to watch our nude torture.”

It said that “groups of ten to twenty Israeli civilians at a time were permitted to watch and laughingly film Palestinian detainees in their underwear while Israeli army soldiers subjected them to physical abuse.”

“This is the first time that these illegal practices have come to the attention of Euro-Med Monitor.”

The rights group said the testimonies reveal “a new crime…committed by the Israeli army against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.”

The report also revealed that Palestinian detainees “are subjected to cruel torture, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, and denials of a fair trial, among other atrocities.”

The men, who were held and tortured in the regime’s detention centers, had been arrested during the regime’s military’s ground incursions in the Gaza strip.

They were subsequently held without trial for several weeks for questioning.

The Israeli regime’s torture and inhumane treatment of Palestinian detainees, Euro-Med said, amounts to a grave violation of the dignity of these individuals, as well as the commission of war crimes.

Over the past few months, many videos have emerged of Israeli soldiers, torturing and abusing Palestinian detainees.

Eight Palestinian men has lost their lives in Israeli custody since the regime launched its war on Gaza in early October, most of them in the days and weeks after their arrest.

Lawyers say conditions for all Palestinian detainees, including women, are unprecedentedly difficult. Some 80 female detainees are currently being held in the regime prisons.

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