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Israel admits Hezbollah damaged strategic Meron base; says their capabilities ‘concerning’

The Israeli military has admitted that a strategic air base on Mount Meron was “seriously damaged” in a missile attack launched by Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, amid growing concerns in Tel Aviv over the group’s capabilities.

The military said on Sunday that it is investigating the Saturday attack on the sensitive base in the northern part of the 1948-occupied territories to prevent similar attacks.

According to a video published by Hezbollah, the group fired a barrage of rockets and anti-tank missiles at the base, hitting two of the radar domes.

The Israeli media has reported that the occupying regime does not possess any systems to intercept the anti-tank missiles used by Hezbollah.

Eran Etzion, the former deputy head of Israel’s so-called “National Security Council”, also confirmed that Hezbollah is powerful and has many missiles in its possession, “some of them are very accurate and some can carry large warheads.”

He warned of the consequences of any war with Hezbollah, noting that such a war would inflict severe damage on Israel “heavier than that caused by Hamas.”

Besides its military capabilities, the former official confirmed that Hezbollah is also “able to read us better than ourselves and our intelligence.”

He also slammed the Israeli cabinet for making “irresponsible” threats against Hezbollah, expressing his concerns about underestimating the group’s capabilities and downplaying the war.

Etzion noted that Israeli calls for launching a war on Lebanon come while the regime has so far failed to achieve any of its declared goals in Gaza and failed to “control Gaza.”

He warned that the war with Hezbollah would be difficult.

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