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Iran: Violent crackdown will not silence pro-Palestine protesters in US

Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations office in Geneva has categorically censured the ongoing crackdown on pro-Palestine demonstrations across US universities, stressing that violence against peaceful protesters will not silence them.

With Israel’s US-backed genocidal war on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip having passed the 200th-day mark, major American universities have been the scene of clashes between students and police officers amid intensifying protests in condemnation of the regime’s war on the besieged territory.

More than 20 universities in the US are protesting against the war, where upwards of 34,000 people have since October last year been killed, including women and children.

The students are calling for universities to separate themselves from any companies that are advancing the occupying regime’s war on Gaza.

Police have arrested hundreds of protesters across university campuses.

“We strongly condemn the brutal and violent crackdown on widespread peaceful pro-Palestinian protests at universities in the United States. The US Police brutality and excessive use of force during peaceful assemblies, and targeting students advocating for an end to genocidal war in Gaza is a matter of serious concern,” Iran’s permanent mission in Geneva said in a post on its X social media account on Saturday.

“Demonstrators are precisely calling for ending the US complicity in ongoing Genocide in Gaza in their name. Firing and beating peaceful protesters does not silence them, who are the frontline human rights defenders, it only reaffirms the urgency of the struggle for justice for Palestine,” the mission added.

“Police attacks against university students and professors, the scale of arrests and the conditions of detentions is deeply disturbing and we call for the release of all detained.”

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