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Iran: Palestinians’ resistance bringing Israel to its knees; silence on crimes unforgettable

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman has censured the silence and inaction of international organizations over the Israeli regime’s crimes in the besieged Gaza Strip, stressing that Palestinians’ resistance will undoubtedly bring the occupying regime to its knees.

Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks in a post on X social media platform on Tuesday, as Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza continues unabated.

“In the shadow of the inaction of countries and international organizations, the destruction and mass killing in the Gaza strip continues insanely and non-stop by the Israeli regime,” Kan’ani said.

He went on to say that 55% of the buildings in Gaza have been annihilated or hit due to the silence and passivity kept by the international institutions and the world countries.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the Israeli regime’s attacks have brought nothing but massacre, destruction, drought and starvation.

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