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Iran Has Prepared Harsher Response to ‘Israel’, Allies: Speaker Qalibaf

The speaker of the Iranian Parliament warned the Zionist regime and its allies that Iran has designed a response severer than the Sunday morning’s retaliatory strike on the occupied territories.

Addressing a parliamentary meeting on Sunday morning, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf described the massive drone and missile strike that the IRGC launched against Israeli military targets in the early hours of Sunday as “the Iranian people’s slap in the face of the Zionist enemy” in response to the Israeli attack on Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus.

The strike was strong and gave Israeli a lesson, he said, adding that Iran’s military action was in compliance with the United Nations Charter.

He then warned that Iran has designed a severer response to any wrong move by the Zionist regime and its allies.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran underlines the principle that any threat originating from any country (against Iran) will draw an appropriate and harsh response to the source of the threats,” the Parliament speaker stated.

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