Hunger and Aggression: Gaza Continues to Suffer as Aid is Targeted by Israeli Occupation Forces- Video

On the 151st day of relentless aggression in Gaza, the Israeli occupation forces bombed Khan Yunis and Beit Hanoun, targeting citizens trying to reach aid near the Kuwait roundabout. A government journalist emphasized the need for humanitarian aid to be brought through land crossings rather than airdrops.

Despite international condemnations, the Israeli occupation continues to commit war crimes, with 2,675 massacres against Palestinians recorded so far. Hospitals in Gaza have received over 30,000 martyrs and thousands of wounded, including children and women.

The destruction caused by the aggression amounts to massive losses of $15 billion and over 360,000 housing units destroyed.

Meanwhile, UNICEF warned of a dire situation in Gaza, as children are slowly dying due to malnutrition and dehydration. Adele Khodour highlighted the urgent need for nutritional food, clean water, and medical services to save lives. The World Health Organization reported that children in northern Gaza are dying of hunger in hospitals due to food scarcity and a lack of treatment.

As the humanitarian crisis worsens, aid access remains a critical issue. Urgent action is needed to prevent further child deaths and alleviate the suffering in Gaza.

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