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Hundreds rally in front of Foreign Ministry in Madrid against ‘israeli’ attacks on Gaza

Hundreds of people staged a protest in front of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid on Monday night to denounce the last offensive that Israel launched in southern Gaza and express their disapproval of Madrid's arms deliveries to Israel amid its ongoing conflict with the Palestinian group Hamas.

Footage shows the demonstrators holding Palestinian flags, banners, and signs, including “Settlers out, Palestine free”, while some of them were chanting pro-Pelastine slogans such as “Boycott Israel.”

“If the government is not going to do anything for Palestine, at least keep your mouth shut, stay put, and don’t sell arms to Israel. Don’t be complicit and help them kill Palestinian children. They kill all the children; there’s no one left,” stated one of the protesters.

On Thursday, Spanish foreign minister Jose Manuel Albares reportedly revealed that Madrid has already suspended arms export licenses to Israel since October 7.

Hamas launched an unprecedented operation into the occupied territories on October 7. Israel declared war on the group and a complete siege of Gaza, with a large-scale campaign of air strikes. A ground incursion began at the end of the third week, with Israeli leaders vowing to “wipe out” Hamas.

Palestinian officials reported that at least 28,340 people had been killed and more than 67,984 injured at the time of publication.

Last month, the International Court of Justice ruled that there was plausible evidence that Israel was committing “genocide” in Gaza, during an interim decision in the case brought by South Africa. Tel Aviv strongly denies the claim. The Israeli military has repeatedly stated that it is targeting Hamas locations and infrastructure in the besieged enclave.

(Source: Reuters)

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