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‘Hollow hegemon’: IRGC chief says Islamic Republic cripples US power

The chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran has over the past decades eroded the power of the US and turned it into a “small and weak” state.

Speaking in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad on Monday, Major General Hossein Salami said that the United States’ situation today is not comparable with its condition two or three decades ago.

He also referred to the takeover of the US embassy, better known as Den of Espionage, by a group of Iranian students in November 1979, saying it was beyond imagination.

“We eroded the US’s power. The United States has become small and weak, and it has gradually lost its power because of the erosion caused by [Iran’s] Islamic Revolution,” he said.

Salami also noted that enemies have failed to isolate Iran through imposing economic sanctions on the country and stealing its oil tankers as Iran has taken retaliatory measures.

“They seized our ships in Gibraltar; We confiscated their ships here and made them regret what they had done,” he said. “The embargo [imposed on us] was broken with [our] power. If you are strong, you will overcome isolation,” he asserted.

The Islamic Republic, he added, proved that “the world is much bigger than the US and that the US is much smaller than the world.”

Iran holds presidential runoff election amid great patriotic fervor

Iran holds presidential runoff election amid great patriotic fervor

Iran held a presidential runoff election on Friday to choose the successor of President Ebrahim Raeisi who passed away in a helicopter crash in May.

Touching on claims about voter apathy in Iran’s recent presidential election, the IRGC chief said that the nation disrupted the enemies’ calculations by increasing its participation from 40 percent in the first round to 50 percent in the second round.

“The Iranian nation is very skillful and experienced in defeating the enemy and proving that its calculations are wrong,” he pointed out.

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