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Hezbollsh Targets Israeli Soldiers, Spy Equipment, and Sea Site in Coordinated Attacks- Video


In a series of coordinated attacks today Saturday, the Islamic Resistance launched multiple strikes against Israeli military targets and equipment in response to ongoing aggression and in support of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The Islamic Resistance announced that at 09:45 a.m., its fighters targeted a gathering of Israeli soldiers near the Branit Barracks, achieving a direct hit.

At 02:45 p.m., the fighters launched a second attack, this time on spy equipment at the Ramtha site, once again hitting their target directly.

Additionally, in retaliation for the Israeli attacks on a civilian fisherman in Ras al-Naqoura within the Lebanese territory earlier that morning, the fighters targeted the Ras al-Naqoura sea site with artillery shells.

The fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted the technical systems and spy equipment at the Raheb site with appropriate weapons, directly hitting and destroying them.

Additionally, the fighters targeted a position of Israeli soldiers inside a room at the Ramim Barracks using a pounce attack aircraft, achieving a direct hit.

Earlier in the morning, Al-Manar correspondent reported that an Israeli drone strike targeted a motorcycle ridden by a fisherman in Ras Naqoura, resulting in his injury. “His condition is currently described as stable,” he said.

Yesterday, the Hezbollah Military Media broadcast scenes from the Islamic Resistance operation targeting the new headquarters of the 411th Artillery Battalion near Jatoun in northern occupied Palestine.

Israeli media reported that sirens sounded again in “Malikiyah,” “Yifthah,” “Dishon,” and “Ramot Naftali” due to fears of drone infiltration.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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