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Hezbollah Downs New Israeli Drone, Ramps Up Precise Strikes

Hezbollah downed on Monday a new Israeli drone, the fifth Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) since the start of the war, as the Lebanese resistance group ramped up precise strikes against Israeli targets in the Zionist entity’s north.

Hezbollah’s Military Media declared that the Islamic Resistance fighters activated air defense systems and intercepted Hermes 900 Israeli drone before carrying out an attack while conducting hostile mission in the Lebanese skies.

The Hermes 900 drone, also known as Kochav, is one of the most advanced and largest drones used by the Israeli occupation military for surveillance and aerial reconnaissance missions. This is the fifth Israeli military drone shot down by Hezbollah since the Lebanese resistance group started pro-Gaza strikes on October 8, 2023.

The Elbit Systems UAV is capable of continuously staying in the air for up to 30 hours, and it is worth around $10 million.

The strike to intercept the Israeli drone is the ninth of 10 operations Hezbollah has carried so far on Monday.

The first strike saw Hezbollah’s Islamic Resistance fighters targeting two structures housing enemy soldiers in Al-Manara settlement with appropriate weapons, a statement read, adding that the attack achieved direct hits, causing casualties among the soldiers. It noted that the strike was “in support of our steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, in solidarity with their courageous and honorable resistance, and in response to the Israeli enemy’s attacks on the resilient southern villages and the safe homes, especially in the towns of Houla and Shebaa.”

Later on Monday, the Islamic Resistance fighters “targeted a building used by enemy soldiers in Yir’on settlement with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit, and causing casualties among those inside,” the second statement read.

The third strike took place later, when the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted used by enemy soldiers in the Avivim settlement with appropriate weapons, achieving direct hits.

The fourth statement announced that the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted the newly established espionage equipment at Ramim Barracks with appropriate weapons, causing direct damage which led to its destruction.

Also on Monday, the Islamic Resistance fighters targeted Bayad Blida site with an assault drone, hitting the target precisely, according to the fifth statement.

A squadron of drones struck the newly established command headquarters of the 146th Division east of Nahariya. Place where soldiers are stationed in the headquarters was hit by the drone strike, the sixth statement for Monday read.

The seventh operation saw the Islamic Resistance fighters tarheting Al-Radar site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, employing artillery shells and guided missiles which resulted in direct hits and the destruction of the post’s technical and espionage equipment.

Later on Monday, the Islamic Resistance fighters launched a swarm of drones that targeted the headquarters of the 210th Division at the in occupied Golan Heights of Syria. Confirmed casualties were reported among Israeli soldiers, the eighth statement read.

In the tenth strike, the Islamic resistance fighters targeted Bayyad Blida site with missile weapons, achieving direct hit.

Israeli media acknowledged the strike on Nahariya, with Hebrew media outlets reporting at least two casualties. Videos circulated on Israeli media and social media showed the attack near Nahariya.

The video below shows the deployment of Israeli helicopters in Western Galilee after sirens sounded over infiltration of a drone in the area.

Israeli media also published photos showing a damaged house in the settlement of Yir’on after being hit by a Hezbollah missile strike.

Earlier on Sunday, Hezbollah’s Military Media released a video, showing the Islamic Resistance’s operation targeting a building housing Israeli enemy soldiers in Kfar Yuval settlement in northern occupied Palestine.

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