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Hezbollah conducts various strikes on Israeli targets (VIDEO)

Hezbollah Resistance group Lebanon conducted a second Kamikaze drone attack on Wednesday after its attack with the same type of drone on Tuesday against the Israeli regime’s military posts.

In support of the Palestinian people and resistance in Gaza and in light of the Israeli aggression on the various South Lebanon villages, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon led by Hezbollah continued striking the Zionist occupation sites near Lebanon border.

Footage released on Wednesday shows projectile slamming into building in Arab al-Aramshe, which Lebanese Resistance group Hezbollah calls a response to the killing of three of its members a day earlier on Tuesday.

The Israeli media said that four of the 18 victims were listed in serious condition. Another person was moderately hurt, and the remaining eight were in good condition.

Israeli media said that injuries sustained by Hezbollah drone attack in Arab Al-Aramesha rose to 18.

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