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Hezbollah attack on Israeli military position injures 18: Reports

At least 18 people have been injured, some of them seriously, in a drone and missile attack by Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah that hit an Israeli military center near the Lebanese border, Israeli media reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the Israeli military said 14 soldiers had been injured, six of them seriously, two moderately, and six others lightly.

The regime’s Walla news website said the Hezbollah attack was “a carefully planned ambush.”

Another Israeli media report said Hezbollah drones hit the target they were directed at without warning, and the regime’s army has no answers to the question of where they were sent from.

Hezbollah also reported its operation, with a statement saying the resistance movement had attacked a Zionist army base on the northern side of the Israeli-occupied territories in response to the regime’s unrelenting strikes on Gaza and repeated assaults on Lebanon’s southern regions.

Hezbollah said it launched “a combined attack with guided missiles and explosive drones on a new military reconnaissance command center in Arab al-Aramshe,” a village near the Lebanese border. Hezbollah said the attack came “in response to the enemy assassinating several resistance fighters in Ain Baal and Shehabiya.”

On Tuesday, the resistance movement said three of its members had been martyred by Israeli attacks.

Israeli media say the regime has imposed a ban on gatherings in settlements from zero to four kilometers from the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah also conducted several other operations on Wednesday, including an attack on the Zibdin barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms using Falaq-1 missiles.

The regime said it had struck Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon. Lebanese media have reported attacks targeting areas near the towns of Baalbek, Alma Al-Shaab, and Al-Dhahira, among others.

Hezbollah strikes Israeli Meron airbase, Beit Hillel military base in support of Gaza

Hezbollah strikes Israeli Meron airbase, Beit Hillel military base in support of Gaza

Hezbollah has targeted the Israeli Meron airbase and Beit Hillel military base among others in response to the Tel Aviv regime’s onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza.


Wednesday’s incident marked the third day in a row that Hezbollah strikes wounded Zionists, with tensions high after Iran launched a direct attack on the regime over the weekend in retaliation for a deadly strike on Iran’s diplomatic mission in Damascus.

On Tuesday, Israeli authorities said three people were wounded in a strike from Lebanon. The day before, Hezbollah targeted Israeli troops with explosive devices, wounding four of them who crossed into Lebanese territory, the first such attack in six months of clashes.

Israel and Hezbollah have been exchanging near-daily cross-border fire since the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas launched its historic Operation Al-Aqsa Storm against the regime on October 7.

The fighting has forced the evacuation of tens of thousands from the northern part of the occupied territories, amid rocket fire and shelling carried out by Hezbollah and allied Palestinian groups.

Hezbollah has already fought off two Israeli wars against Lebanon in 2000 and 2006. The resistance forced the regime to retreat in both conflicts.


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