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Hamas: Biden administration responsible for death of US airman protesting Israel’s Gaza war

The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has accounted the administration of US President Joe Biden responsible for the death of an American soldier who set himself on fire outside the embassy of the Israeli regime in protest at Tel Aviv’s war on Gaza. 

“The Biden administration bears full responsibility for the death of the airman in the US army, Aaron Bushnell, due to its policy that has supported the Zionist regime in its genocidal war against our Palestinian people,” Hamas said in a statement in the early hours of Tuesday.

Hamas stressed that the tragic incident acknowledges “the growing anger” among the American people who reject their country’s support for Israel.

The movement also offered its condolences to the family and friends of the American pilot.

“Aaron Bushnell immortalized his name as a defender of humanitarian values and the oppressed Palestinian people … just as did the American activist, Rachel Corrie, who was crushed [to death] by an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah in 2003,” it noted.

In March 2003, Corrie was killed while she was protesting against the Israeli destruction of Palestinians’ homes in Gaza.

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