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Gaza’s Palestinian Resistance Stands Strong Against Israeli Aggression for 130th Consecutive Day Despite International Complicity

For the 130th day in a row, the Palestinian resistance in Gaza remains steadfast in the face of relentless Israeli aggression. Despite ongoing American support for Israeli military actions in the besieged Strip, Western countries and some Arab regimes have turned a blind eye to the suffering of civilians.

The resistance has documented the continuous losses suffered by the Israeli occupation forces during their ground aggression in Gaza, exposing the failure of the enemy to make any military progress. Despite this, the world remains largely silent in the face of the atrocities committed against the people of Gaza.

As the Aggression on Gaza continues to escalate, the Palestinian resistance shows no signs of backing down, defying all odds to protect their homeland and stand up against injustice.

Source: Palestinian media and Al-Manar English Website

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