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Gaza’s healthcare system ‘few hours away’ from collapse: Ministry

The Palestinian health ministry in the Gaza Strip, which is enduring a genocidal Israeli war, has warned about the imminent collapse of the coastal sliver’s entire healthcare system.

“We are only a few hours away from the collapse of the health system in the Gaza Strip,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

It attributed the likelihood to “the failure to bring in the fuel [that is] needed to operate electricity generators at hospitals and ambulances, and transport employees.”

On May 7, the Israeli military seized the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza, which borders Egypt and serves as the main point of entry for aid supplies, including fuel, into Gaza.

The move came as part of the regime’s efforts to tighten its grip on the city of Rafah, which it claims contains the “last” major strongholds of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

The movement has proven the regime wrong by re-establishing its presence elsewhere across the coastal sliver and launching heavy attacks against Israeli forces and the occupied territories from those locations.

Israel carpet-bombs Rafah after Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire proposal

Israel carpet-bombs Rafah after Hamas accepts Gaza ceasefire proposal

The Israeli military intensifies carpet-bombing of Rafah city accompanied with ground advances shortly after Hamas agreed to a ceasefire proposal in Gaza.

The regime has been waging the war against Gaza since October 7 in response to Al-Aqsa Storm, a retaliatory operation by the Palestinian territory’s resistance groups.

More than 35,000 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have died as a result of the brutal military onslaught so far.

The war has already taken a heavy toll on Gaza’s healthcare system by killing at least 500 medical personnel and resulting in the destruction of dozens of hospitals throughout the Palestinian territory.

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