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European cities stage pro-Palestine rallies under strict conditions- Video

Major European cities have under strict conditions staged protests in solidarity with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, calling for an immediate ceasefire in the eighth month of Israel’s genocidal war against the besieged territory.

Thousands of Germans took to the streets across the capital Berlin on Saturday, with demonstrators carrying Palestinian flags and placards that read, “Free Palestine,” and “Stop Genocide,” among others.

“We are here today at these demonstrations, as at all demonstrations since the terrible genocide of Israel against the Palestinians, to support this protest,” said Angela Niklaus, European candidate for the Socialist Equality Party.

“We are here because of the Palestine Protest because we think it’s important to support those people,” another protester said. “Palestine will never die.”

The mass rally in the German capital was heavily policed, with about 200 officers present. Before the demonstration began, law enforcement officials instructed participants on which slogans were permissible.

The central German city of Frankfurt was also the scene of protests as demonstrators gathered on Saturday ahead of the European elections to demand reforms in EU policies.

The protesters called for more democracy, political accountability and an end to arms deliveries to Israel as well as other conflict zones across the world.

Voicing their opposition to Germany’s arms exports, the demonstrators said, “We are in favor of Germany stopping immediately delivering weapons and taking up peace talks with all crisis areas, with Russia, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine and all other war zones in the world.”

Paris: Stop Gaza Genocide

People also gathered outside Montmartre Sacré-Coeur, a Roman Catholic church, in Paris on Saturday to protest against the Israeli war on Gaza.

Waving Palestinian flags, the demonstrators held banners and placards that read, “Stop Gaza Genocide,” and “Palestinians martyred, Israel expels.”

Symbolizing the Palestinian children affected by the months-long Israeli onslaught, some participants held effigies of dead children wrapped in sheets and covered in fake blood with the aim of drawing attention to the civilian casualties in Gaza.

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