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British universities join their American counterpart in protests against the Israeli occupation aggression on Gaza

London, Agencies, SANA-Scores of pro-Palestine students are staging protests on university lawns across Britain in a stand against Israeli occupation’s war in Gaza, in a bid to replicate sit-ins on campuses in the US.

Protesters at Russell Group universities including Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Sheffield and Newcastle have pitched tents and erected anti-Israel signs as they call for an end to military action in the Gaza strip.

Students from Manchester University filled nearby Brunswick Park with banners, plaques and Palestinian flags to call for the university to ‘end its partnership with systems which support “Israel’.”

One banner read: ‘UOM blood on your hands’, while another claimed: ‘UOM supports Israeli Genocide.’

In Bristol, hand-painted banners were erected between tents, emblazoned with messages of defiance as students lobbied their university to cut ties with arms companies and back calls for a ceasefire as the war rages on in the Levant.

Large crowds have also been forming in Newcastle, as students say their protest will ‘highlight the institution’s investment strategy and its complicity in the Israeli military’s war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank’.

 Mazen Eyon

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