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“The occupation did not claim a crime without committing it in flagrant violation of international law

The occupation forces targeted children in Gaza, killing and kidnapping them

We expect serious action from the newly appointed chief humanitarian coordinator

The occupation’s marketing of the transition to the third phase of the war is false and blatant propaganda.

The enemy failed to achieve any of its goals, and its prisoners will not return unless it responds to the conditions of resistance.

The enemy’s prisoners will not return unless he responds to the conditions of resistance, the first of which is stopping the aggression.

The American administration still looks at matters in Gaza through an Israeli eye

We welcome any effort in support of our people and in favor of ending the aggression

Only the Palestinians have the right to self-determination and establish their state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The American administration continues to support the Zionist enemy, which holds it morally responsible

The failure of the American administration to issue a decision to stop the aggression destroys its alleged moral image

We call on the International Court of Justice not to yield to the pressure sought by the American administration.”

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