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Any Israeli military provocation will get ‘stronger’ response, Iran warns

Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations has warned that any Israeli aggression against Tehran’s interests will be dealt with a “stronger” blow.

Amir Saeid Iravani issued the warning in a letter sent to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Security Council President Vanessa Frazier, after Iran’s decisive retaliation against the occupying regime’s April 1 terrorist attack on the Islamic Republic’s diplomatic mission in Syria.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate to exercise its inherent right of self-defense when required,” he said.

“Should the Israeli regime commit any military aggression again, Iran’s response will assuredly and decisively be stronger, and more resolute.”

Iravani also reaffirmed Iran’s “unwavering determination” to defend its people, national security and interests, sovereignty, and territorial integrity in the face of threats and “vigorously” retaliate against acts of aggression in accordance with international law.

Overnight on Saturday and early Sunday morning, Iran launched hundreds of retaliatory missiles and drones at military bases in the occupied territories.

The attack came less than two weeks after Israeli warplanes bombed the consular annex of Iran’s embassy in Damascus, killing seven IRGC members who were on an advisory mission to the Arab country.

IRGC launches ‘extensive’ retaliatory missile, drone strikes on occupied territories

IRGC launches ‘extensive’ retaliatory missile, drone strikes on occupied territories

The IRGC launches “extensive” retaliatory missile and drone strikes against the occupied territories in response to the Israeli regime’s terrorist attack.

The envoy emphasized that Iran’s retaliatory operation was an exercise of Iran’s inherent right to self-defense as outlined in Article 51 of the UN Charter.

“Regrettably, the United Nations Security Council has failed in its duty to maintain international peace and security, allowing the Israeli regime to transgress red lines and violate the fundamental principles of international law,” he added.

“As a responsible Member of the United Nations, the Islamic Republic of Iran is committed to the purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, and international law, and reiterates its consistent position that it does not seek escalation or conflict in the region.”

‘Iran won’t hesitate to take defensive measures against aggression’

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the country has exercised its inherent right of self-defense against Israel’s recurring acts of aggression, particularly the April 1 raid, that have resulted in the martyrdom of military advisors in Syria.

The ministry further reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to the UN Charter and international law and reiterated its determination to defend national sovereignty and interests against any unlawful use of force.

The defensive measure, it noted, “demonstrates Iran’s responsible approach toward regional and international peace and security at a time when the occupying apartheid regime’s … genocidal campaign against Palestinian people is accompanied with repeated military aggressions against neighboring states … fanning the flames across the region and beyond.”

“Iran would not hesitate to take further necessary defensive measures to protect its legitimate interests against any act of military aggression or unlawful use of force,” it asserted

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