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Al-Munajjid in Int’l Labor Conference in Geneva: necessity of strengthening bilateral and multilateral cooperation to achieve social justice

Geneva, SANA-Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Louai Imad al-Din al-Munajjid stressed the need to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation to establish the rules of stability and social justice in preparation for a brighter future of work, characterized by justice and unified standards in dealing with peoples.

A number of the group’s countries are facing illegal unilateral coercive measures, and collectively must work to put an end to them and make them a permanent item on their agenda, minister al-Munajjid said Thursday at the Asia-Pacific meeting on the sidelines of the 112th session of the International Labor Conference in Geneva, noting that Syria is working to adopt the international commitments issued by the International Labor Organization in order to achieve a decent work environment.

He pointed out the effects of the terrorist war on Syria and the destruction it left behind, as well as the continuation of unilateral coercive measures that deprive Syrians of their right to life and decent work, despite all the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, the Security Council, and the international community.

Occupied Syrian Golan is still under the usurping Israeli occupation, which is carrying out many criminal practices against Syrian citizens, adopting discriminatory measures against them, and depriving them from establishing productive and economic projects on their lands, Minister al-Munajjid said.

The Minister added that the Israeli occupation is confiscating lands and preventing Syrian citizens from accessing them and benefiting from water sources, and tightening the noose on the possibility of marketing their crops and products.

Activities of the 112th session of the International Labor conference organized by the International Labor Organization in Geneva kicked off on the 3rd of this month and will continue until the 14th in the presence of representatives of the three Labor parties from governments, employers and workers from 180 countries around the world.

Fedaa al-Rahai

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