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Al-Aqsa Flood Operation…the most important developments

– Palestinian media: Israeli forces shot dead 3 Palestinians and wounded others, east of Jabalia in northern Gaza.

– Palestinian Health Ministry: In its aggression for the 195th day, Israel has killed till now 33,970 citizens and wounded 76,770.

– Palestinian Health Ministry: Over the past 24 hours, the Israeli occupation committed 7 massacres in Gaza, leaving 71 martyrs and 106 wounded.

– Palestinian Health: 730 thousand people in Gaza are without health services

– Resistance Committees in Palestine: The inability of the fascist occupation to fulfill any achievement pushes it to continue committing war crimes and genocide

-Israeli aggression leaves dozens of martyrs and wounded in   Gaza on the 195th day…

-Palestinian Health Ministry: 730,000 Palestinians in Gaza and its north regions are without real health services after the Israeli occupation deliberately destroyed their health system, and we demand the provision of field hospitals and international multi-specialized medical teams.

-The Palestinian resistance fires a barrage of mortar shells at a gathering of Israeli soldiers at the Abu Mutaybaq military site, east of Gaza.

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