‘Absolute superiority’: North Korea says test-fires new solid-fuel hypersonic missile- Video

North Korea has successfully test-fired “a new medium-to-long-range” solid-fuel, hypersonic missile.

The test fire of Hwasongpho-16-Na, a solid-fueled tactical ballistic missile loaded with newly-developed hypersonic glide vehicle, was observed by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, KCNA said on Wednesday.

“A new medium-to-long range hypersonic missile test launch that carries military strategic value was successfully carried out,” state media agency KCNA said a day after the test.

Kim lauded it as a strategic weapon that demonstrates the “absolute superiority” of North Korea’s defense technology.

“The hypersonic glide vehicle, separated from the missile after its launch northeastward at an army unit’s training field in a suburb of Pyongyang, reached its first peak at the height of 101.1 kilometers and the second peak at the height of 72.3 kilometers while making 1,000-km-long flight as scheduled and accurately landed on the waters of the East Sea of Korea,” it further said.

“The test fire had no negative effect on the security of the neighboring countries,” KCNA stated.

The report of the test launch came a day after South Korea and Japan detected the North launching a missile from near its capital toward its eastern sea.

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