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15 Iranian missiles hit strategic base of Nevatim

Informed sources reported that at least 15 Iranian missiles hit the strategic air base of the Zionist regime in the Al-Neqeb.

Al-Manar citing informed sources announced that Iran has targeted Nevatim Air Base in the south of occupied Palestine with 15 missiles early on Sunday.

Sources reported that following this attack, this base was damaged severely and became completely out of function.

Nevatim air base is located in the south of the occupied territories in the Negev desert region and near the city of Be’er Sheva which is the main base of the F-35 fighters of the Zionist regime.

The IRGC Air Force had practiced a missile attack on a simulated example of this Zionist air base last year. This base is about 1100 km away from the western borders of Iran.

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