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⚡️FULL speech highlights of Hamas military spox, Abu Obeida speech:

• The Nazi-Zionist enemy continues its barbaric aggression against our people and takes revenge on civilians.

• Within 10 days, our fighters managed to confront the enemy forces on multiple fronts before the ceasefire concluded in the north, center, and south.

• Our fighters have successfully (partially) destroyed more than 180 military vehicles within 10 days, including APCs, tanks & bulldozers using anti-tank rockets of the Yassin type and tandem and shaped charge explosive devices

• We carried out a significant number of operations against the artillery forces outside the settlements, engaged forces inside buildings, ambushing infantry forces.

• We carried out dozens of sniper operations and exploded a minefield. • Our operations resulted in a large number of confirmed fatalities and injuries, and our fighters safely returned to their bases after each operation.

• The ceasefire proved our sincerity and the accuracy of our declarations, while, on the other hand, the enemy’s leadership lied.

• Enemy prisoners have not and will not be released except through an exchange.

• The enemy’s repeated boastful announcements of eliminating the resistance in Gaza are aimed at appeasing the extremist desires and it is a manifestation of their evil deeds.

• If the enemy can eliminate Hamas, has he been able to eliminate it in the West Bank and Al-Quds before? • The enemy is still receiving blows from us, and what is coming is greater

• We are fighting on our land, in a sacred battle that was written for us, so we have no choice but the choice of confronting enemy in every street, and neighborhood.

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