Enemies of Syria

“Zionist Saudi regime’s last battle: 4000 fighters have been trained for Syria!

53074a166fa9fMedia sources, which keep up with developments of the Syrian crisis, said that the expected battle, which could be launched by countries hostile to Damascus, will be the last battle of Saudi Arabia in order to reach Damascus.
The Lebanese newspaper “Assafir” quoted sources as saying that the U.S. State Department informed Syrian opponents, in Paris, about a Saudi – American decision has been taken to open the southern front again, after four months of the last attack carried out by a rank of two thousand fighters came from Jordan through the desert and were unable to breakthrough Gouta al-Sharqia toward Damascus.
The sources said that the decision of the battle came after the visit of King Abdullah al-Thani of Jordan to Washington and ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Riyadh on 22 March.
If the expectations came true, the new leadership, which the Jordanians asked to move from the Turkish border to the south after the exemption of Salim Idris, must move before the U.S. presidential visit to Riyadh.
The sources expected that the Western security agencies with the new «General Staff» will mobilize approximately four thousand fighters, who have been trained and groomed, better than before, in Camp Abdullah II Special Forces in Salt. The U.S. and Jordanians supervise the training of approximately 200 to 250 Syrian fighters in those camps monthly.

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