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Zionist Media Discloses for First Time Israel-Nusra Coordination in Southern Syria

Zionist media outlets revealed openly for the first time the coordination between ‘Israel’ and Nusra Front, the Syrian offshoot of Qaeda, in order to enable the group the terrorist group to control the whole area which borders the occupied Golan Heights.

The Zionist Channel 2 noted that the Israeli army treated dozens of the wounded Nusra terrorists.

The Zionist army declared the bordering area in Golan a closed military zone for many hours in order to prevent the Druze in the occupied villages from helping the locals of Quneitra’s city of Hodar against Nusra terrorists who are attacking it to control it, according to Israeli media.

In this context, ‘Israel’ also banned the residents in the occupied Golan Heights from establishing a field hospital to treat the wounded from Hodar city.

Maariv newspaper quoted the so-called Free Syrian army sources as saying that Nusra Front is trying to strike the Syrian army in Hodar in order to advance towards Mount Hermon area before moving to Qalamoun where it is fighting Hezbollah.

Source: Al Manar TV

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