Enemies of Syria

Zionist israel colluding with terrorists inside Syria: Iran envoy

353594_Syria-militantsAn Iranian diplomat says the Israeli regime is in cahoots with the foreign-sponsored militants operating in Syria.
“We all agree that the principal enemy of the Islamic world and Muslims is the Zionist regime (Israel). The regime is currently colluding with the Takfiri terrorists in Syria and is providing medical care for their wounded, and [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu proudly visits these terrorists in hospital,” said Iran’s Ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi.
He made the remarks in a meeting with former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in Beirut on Wednesday.
Siniora, for his part, condemned the last November bomb attacks outside the Iranian Embassy and the recent bombing against the Iranian cultural center in Beirut.
He also stressed Lebanon’s strong opposition to the Takfiri militants and their ideology, praising the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah for liberating south Lebanese lands in the 33-day war against Israel in 2006.
Bouthaina Shaaban, the political and media adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, said on March 3 that Israel is dispatching officers and undercover agents to Syria to join the foreign-backed armed men.
The Syrian official further stated that there were undercover agents among the wounded militants recently treated by Israel.
In late February, an unnamed Israeli commander admitted that the Israeli military is in contact with the foreign-backed militant and terrorist groups inside Syria.
Some reports also say hundreds of terrorists have received treatment in Israeli hospitals and most of them have returned to Syria.
On February 18, Netanyahu paid a visit to a secret field hospital in the occupied Golan Heights, which offers medical services to the injured militants coming in from Syria.

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