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Zionist Entity Starts 3-Day Drills Simulating Large-scale War



Zionist occupation military started on Sunday a major military exercise that is scheduled to last until Tuesday, simulating a comprehnsive war against the Zionist entity and including the ‘Home Front’.

The Zionist drills simulate breaking out a war and the ignition of several  fighting fronts at once. It includes extensive shelling on many communities in different regions, targeting vital infrastructure facilities, launching cyber attacks, disabling electrical grids and telecommunications networks, emitting hazardous substances and rescuing the injured.

According to estimates by the so-called ‘home front’, around 95 percent of the missiles that would be directed towards the Zionist entity will have the range of 45 kilometers, and capable of carrying a spearhead weighing up to ten kilograms of explosives.

The Zionist Home Front also pointed out that the majority of the damage will be concentrated in the south of the Jordan Valley area of the city of Haifa.

The data published shows that a total number of rockets ready for use against “Israel” from all other fronts is 230 thousand, estimating the number of Zionists expected to be killed in the next war between 250 and 500 people.

According to the Zionist estimates, Tel Aviv metropolitan area will be hit by dozens of rockets.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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