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Zionist Entity on Alert: Hezbollah in Possession of Extremely Dangerous Drones


Zionists have been alarmed by Hezbollah’s growing military capabilities, with Israeli media saying that the Lebanese resistance movement is now in possession of a cheap and dangerous drones.
Israeli website Ynet reported on Thursday that Hezbollah has added to its newest weapon to its arsenal, noting that this development is ” one of the most worrying things to the West.”

“Unlike other drones Hezbollah has sent into Israel… (Hezbollah) uploaded a video showing that it is now in possession of extremely cheap and dangerous drones,” the Israeli media outlet said.

The last week’s clip showed Chinese-produced cluster munitions being shot from the UAVon the outskirts of Aleppo, Ynet said.

It quoted the Daily Beast as saying that this UAV ” differs dramatically from its predecessors,” noting that although ” it is capable of carrying much smaller loads of ammunition, it is significantly cheaper and lighter to operate. ”

In 2004, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah promised that the Mirsad drone would be able to penetrate deep into the occupied territories while carrying 100kg of ammunition. Two years after this he carried through with his promise and launched three Ababil UAVs.

Mirsad drones and the Ababil drones are strategic weapons for Hezbollah, Ynet said, noting that they are intended to cross borders and pose fear into Israeli cities.

“However, the UAV Hezbollah showed in Aleppo is a tactical weapon. Commercial UVAs are able to fly limited distances while carrying only several kilograms of ammunition. But not only are they cheap, they are also extremely accurate in launching explosions. ”

According to the Daily Beast, the Pentagon estimates that each UAV can cost as little as $200 and will be used by Hezbollah in other combat fields.

Meanwhile on Thursday, Lebanese daily al-Akhbar published an article entitled “Hezbollah on the ground and in the air: from ambush to Galilee”

The article which is meant to demonstrate Hezbollah’s new upgraded systems, features an interview with a senior commander who discussed the changes within the resistance movement since July War in 2006.

“After the victory in 2006, we were asked to change our offensive systems and to prepare for what the Israelis fear the most—our infiltration into the Galilee,” the official said.

Source: Israeli Media

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