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Zionist Channel 2: ’Israel’ to Evacuate Galilee As Next War Starts

MIRCIVA2The Zionist Second Channel broadcast a report titled “Lebanon Third War” in which it warns the Israelis of the heavy prices and the massive destruction that would result from any war against Hezbollah.

“Hezbollah will strike anyposition across the occupied Palestinian territories, and this will impose on the Israelis to evacuate the northern settlements in Galilee, for fear of Hezbollah occupation.”

The Israeli Channel interviewed the commander of Zionist Hiram brigade, Colonel Dan Goldvos, who said that Hezbollah possess unprecedented and sophisticated military capacities as well as weaponry, calling on the entity to prepare seriously for the coming war.

Goldvos noted that Hezbollah possesses over 100,000 rockets and that some of them are long-range and may carry up to over a ton of explosive materials.

The Israeli officer added that any war against Hezbollah will not similar to recent one against Gaza, asserting that the party will be fiercer and will use devastating weaponry.
‘Israel’ has to be able to protect its vital facilities and to evacuate the settlements for fear of a Hezbollah decision to occupy Galilee.

Goldvos also noted that the “Iron Dome” system will not be able to encounter Hezbollah rocketry threat.

Commenting on the threat which Hezbollah tunnels pose, the commander of Zionist Hiram brigade said that those tunnels frighten the Israeli military units as well as the settlers in Galilee.

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