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Zionist Army Preparing Desperately to Face Hezbollah Destructive Missiles



Despite the Zionist interpretations which suppose that Hezbollah is not concerned with battling the Israeli army due to his  participation in the Syrian war, the enemy’s military is devising the plans and preparing to be able to match the party’s developed capabilities in the upcoming war.

According to the Zionist paper of Haaretz, Hezbollah destructive missiles and special troops who are expected to storm the Israeli settlements in Galilee will be the entity’s major challenge during any confrontation.

Haaretz added that the Zionist army embarked digging holes along the Palestinian-Lebanese border to hamper any invasion attack launched by Hezbollah special forces.

“Evacuating the settlers from Galilee area is one of the corners of the Zionist plans which expect that Hezbollah will launch a large number of short-range, destructive missiles on the northern settlements to inflict heavy psychological losses upon the Israelis.”

The paper said that Burkan which Hezbollah uses in Syria is expected to be the main missile that will carry out this mission.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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