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Zarif: Donators of chemical arms to Saddam now accusing Syria of using them



Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Fridya said that providers of chemical weapons to the Iraqi deposed dictator Saddam Hussein during the imposed war against Iran are now accusing Syria of suing the weapons.

He made the remarks on Friday at the end of the news conference with his Russian and Syrian counterparts Sergey Lavrov and Walid al-Muallem in reaction to West’s claims about the alleged deployment of chemical weapons by the Syrian government

Noting that foreign ministers of the three countries underlined the need for undertaking independent and impartial investigations on the chemical blast in Khan Shaykhun without any prejudgments, Zarif said that the global community deems unilateral moves as unacceptable because it has suffered from it, therefore, it condemns such moves.

‘They provided Saddam with weapons and now we, as a victim of chemical arms in the past decades, announce that Khan Shaykhun disaster should be investigated but unfortunately, the US attacked the country in a unilateral move,’ he said.

US Last Friday’s onslaught on the Syrian airbase reveals that it sought to take advantage of the bitter event of Khan Shaykhun, Zarif said.

‘We urge precise examination of the chemical blast at the point it occurred as well as al-Shayrat Airfield because no evidence to that effect will be found outside the sites. We welcome Syria’s agreement to allow in inspectors to study the case,’ Zarif said.

Iran as a country whose nationals in large numbers have fallen victim to chemical weapons provided by the West to Saddam wants the issue of Khan Shaykhun to be clarified soon, he said.

Underlining the need for political settlement of Syria crisis as the common stance of Iran, Russia and Syria, Iranian minister said that terrorism takes toll not only on Syria but also on St. Petersburg, Germany and other countries.

Zarif arrived in Moscow on Friday morning to attend tripartite talks with his counterparts from Russia and Syria to review recent developments in Syria.

The visit took place upon an invitation by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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