Yemeni missile strikes Saudi Jizan province

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Scores of pro-Saudi terrorists alongside with Sudanese terrorists have been reportedly killed when Yemeni Armed Forces targeted their gathering in the southern Saudi border region of Jizan, in retaliation for the ongoing Saudi shelling of popular markets and state infrastructure in Yemen.

An unnamed military official told Yemen’s state Saba news agency on Wednesday that Houthis and their allies in the Yemeni Army fired a domestically-built Zelzal-2 (Earthquake-2) surface-to-surface missile at the gate of Al-Tiwal Land Crossing inside the border province of Jizan, Saudi Arabia, this evening.

The official noted that a large number of pro-Saudi fighters were killed and their military hardware destroyed in the attack, without specifying a precise number.

The attack was conducted just hours after the Eenmy of Islam King of Saudi regime had granted the title of Crowned Prince to country’s defense minister.


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