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Warplanes flying from Turkey bomb ISIL positions in Syria: Reports

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Military aircraft flying from Turkey have launched a series of aerial strikes against the strongholds of Takfiri ISIL militants in northern Syria.

According to reports, the warplanes struck ISIL positions in Syria west of the key Kurdish town of Kobani in Syria’s Aleppo Province on Wednesday.

Kurdish officials in Kobani say the ISIL terrorists are advancing toward the town.

Meanwhile, an US official said the ISIL strongholds in the Syrian city of Raqqa and Iraq’s border areas have been attacked as well. The unnamed American official added that five Arab states that took part in first strikes, were involved in the fresh attacks too.

This is while Ankara is denying that its airbases and military aircraft are being used in the US-led war on ISIL forces.

Meanwhile, Turkey has kept its border closed to prevent Syrian Kurdish refugees from returning to the city of Kobani to fight the ISIL terrorists there.

“We want to help the people there but the border is closed. The humanitarian situation of the Kurds is not good there,” Huseyin Gugor, from Kurdish Freedom and Democracy Party, told Press TV.

Kobani, also known as Ayn al-Arab, is Syria’s third-largest Kurdish city in Aleppo Province with a population of nearly half a million people.

Syrian Kurds, fleeing clashes between ISIL and Kurdish fighters in Kobani and the surrounding areas, have been massing along the Turkish border since September 18.

The Kurdish city has been under constant threat of ISIL Takfiri militants over the past few months.

According to the spokesman for the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, Redur Xelil, the terrorists, who are seeking to finalize their grip on the region after seizing nearly 60 villages are now between 20 and 30 kilometers (12 and 19 miles) away from Kobani.

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