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Video- Zionist Takfirists’ Sheikh Adnan al- Arour giving a thank to his father Obama

We all remember this man. And if you don’t we will remind you. This is Sheikh Adnan Al_Arour but let’s call him Danny…
Now Danny was dishonourably discharged from the SAA in the 70s for being a little bit too ‘friendly’ with his comrades…
At the start of Syrian conflicts he openly said on live TV that, all the #Alawites and any supporters of Assad will be killed and made into minced meat and fed to the cats and dogs….
3 years later he’s back, this time claiming that it’s easy to talk and compromise with the Zionists because they are treating the wounded terrorists just like they treat the Palestinians they injure… He thanks the Zionists his warmest gratitude and goes a little bit further by thanking Obama.

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