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Video- Syrians hold pro-Assad rally

Syrian citizens held rally on Sunday in Sabeaa Bahrat Square in Damascus to thank Russia and China for their vetoes in the UN security council session held in New York to vote on a Western-Arab draft resolution about Syria.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari affirmed that Syria is a victim of a crisis triggered by parties who do not want stability to the country.

He stressed that peaceful protest in a basic right guaranteed by Syrian law, and demanding reform is the right of every Syrian, adding the only thing that no law can guarantee and no country can accept is terrorism, chaos, the vandalism of public and private property as he also mentioned that the Syrian government was wishing that handling the Syrian crisis would remain inside the Syrian house first, then inside the Arab one.

Syrian insists on their support to President Bashar Al-Assad however now they feel more confident about their country’s decision and directions. After they faced the fear of an international interference in their internal affairs.

As they insisted that what happened in the Security Council Illustrates the importance of the Syrian reform program.



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