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Video- People show support for Assad across Syria

Thursday march 15th marks a year on the beginning of the unrest in Syria. A global march for Syria was the name of Thursday’s rally held in Umayyad square in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus.

This rally was coincided with rallies all over the Syrian governorates. Syrian people insisted that they will stand against international intervention in their internal affairs and emphasized that solving the Syrian crisis should be held in the Syrian house only.

People called Thursday “Victory day”, their victory on terrorism and chaos, the day Syrian people and army were able to stand against conspiracy targeting their country.

Syrian citizens thanked the Syrian Arab Army that was able to stand against armed groups and defend their country. And renewed their gratitude to Russia and China and countries that supported them throughout this year.

This rally comes after President Bashar al-Assad announced on Tuesday march 13th the elections decree and stated May 7th as a day for parliamentary elections. This election was announced under a new constitution passed last month and political parties established newly will engage in it.

Today is a day for Syrian people to assure that they are supporting the reform program after a year of suffering, as we all send our condolences to martyrs families all over Syria. I believe that the elections in May 7th will assure the hard work that the government is doing to apply the reform.

A year of unrest in Syria have passed, people here insist on their support for president Bashar al-Assad and the reform program and emphasize that they will stay united against terrorism and chaos.
People show support for Assad across Syria

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