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Venezuelan Committee condemns U.S. support to terrorists in Syria

20140410-144137_h538254 (1)Venezuelan Committee in Solidarity with Arab Peoples’ Struggle against Imperialism strongly condemned the U.S. administration’s support to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, stressing that the Syrian people will win over terrorism.
“We strongly condemn the decision taken by U.S. President Barack Obama to train hundreds of mercenary terrorists hostile to Syria to carry out terrorist acts in addition to offering various weapons to them,” the committee said in a statement published Thursday.
The committee pointed out that imperialism is seeking to prolong the crisis in Syria and shed more blood and destroy Syria which is the “Arab unity struggle’s citadel against Zionism and imperialism.”
It called on the Venezuelan people to “actively” stand by the Syrian people and their legitimate government led by President Bashar al-Assad.
In the same context, Syria’s Ambassador to Venezuela, dr. Ghassan Abbas, stressed that the U.S. and its western and regional allies’ aggression against Syria through recruiting, training, funding and sending terrorists to Syria is aimed at changing Syria’s stances on various issues.
The ambassador comments came during the Sociopolitical Popular Forum which was held by Caracas Municipality on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Independence Day.

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