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USA humiliated by Assad’s victory: Iran general

365686_Hassan-Firouzabadi1The Iranian military’s top brass says the resounding victory of Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s presidential election has disgraced the United States and opposition groups in the Arab state.
“The victory of Bashar al-Assad in Syria’s presidential election with more than 10 million votes, 88 percent of total votes [cast], has humiliated the United States and opponents of the Syrian people,” Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces, said on Thursday.
“We congratulate Bashar al-Assad and the steadfast and resistant Syrian nation on this honor and victory,” he said. “Today, Bashar al-Assad has in fact been reaffirmed by the majority of Syrian people.”
Firouzabadi said the Syrian election “miracle” must teach the United States and supporters of Takfiri militants a good lesson to stop their humiliating acts.
On Wednesday, Syrian People’s Assembly speaker Jihad al-Laham announced that incumbent President Assad won the June 3 election.
The country’s Supreme Constitutional Court also announced that more than 73 percent of the 15.8 million eligible voters had taken part in the election.
Following the announcement, crowds took to the streets throughout the country to celebrate the victory of the incumbent president.
Assad will be the country’s next president for the coming seven years.
Since March 2011, more than 160,000 people have reportedly been killed and millions of others have been displaced due to the foreign-backed militancy in Syria.

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