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US officer shoots black man in back



A newly released video showing a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, shooting a black man in the back has sparked anger amid ongoing police violence against African Americans. 

The police dashcam video appears to show the Fort Worth policeman shooting 33-year-old David Collie as he “walks away posing no threat” to the officer.

A lawyer for the African American man, Nate Washington, released a copy of the video showing the July encounter with the Fort Worth officer and a Tarrant County sheriff’s deputy.

Both policemen were off duty at the time and jointly working on a security detail at an apartment complex, Washington said on Wednesday.

The attorney said the shooting left Collie paralyzed.

The officer claimed Collie threatened him with a box cutter. But, the lawyer rejected the police statement, saying he was shot in the back and posed no threat.

The release of the footage comes on the heels of another video recording which shows a white police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, violently arresting a black woman along with her daughters.

The last week release of the video has sparked anger amid ongoing police violence against US minorities.

The confrontation erupted on December 21 after Jacqueline Craig, 46, called police to report that a white neighbor had choked her seven-year-old son for throwing trash in front of his home.

In the video, the officer can be seen wrestling Craig to the ground after a verbal altercation and pointing a stun gun at her back.

Craig’s teenage daughter was also taken into custody after she put herself between her mother and the officer. Another daughter also was arrested, police said.


The lawyer of Collie said he released the video to prove that last week’s incident in Fort Worth was not an isolated case.

“Many members of our community have been assaulted, handled roughly by Fort Worth police officers,” Washington said. “To be clear, we believe the vast majority of police officers are good and decent people.”

A series of videos showing officers using deadly force against unarmed African Americans in recent years have sparked protests and raised concerns about racial bias and excessive force by US police.

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