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US helped ISIL get more power :Al-Maliki

Iraq’s Former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said US President Barack Obama is responsible for helping ISIL get stronger and enter Iraq and other regional countries.

Al-Maliki was responsing to Obama’s recent remarks in which he has accused al-Maliki of fomenting ethnic differences in Iraq.

According to al-Akhbaria website, al-Maliki, in a statement on Saturday, said Obam’s remarks represent Washington’s confusion in dealing with reginal developments, especially those in Syria and Iraq.

He added these statements are ‘intentional ignoring of obvious facts and an effort to mislead US and world public opinion’.

Al-Maliki said US and its allies made a strategic mistake when they tried to use ISIL and al-Nusrah to topple the political system in Syria and this policy played a role in strengthening ISIL in Iraq and other regional countries.

He called Obama’s remarks ‘irresponsible and unjustified which discourages security forces in their decisive battles against the terrorists’.

Al-Maliki also called US air attacks to ISIL ‘theatrical’.

He added Obama knows well that Iraq, since the beginning, warned against the danger of extremist groups and the sparking of unrest in Arab countries and its consequences for regional and world security, but the US ignored these warnings.

Al-Maliki pointed to US refusal to deliver military planes, arms and ammunition and the country’s hesitation in arming Iraqi forces to confrot the terrorists, saying Mosul fell midst Washingto’s negligence and cheering of some regional capitals.

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