Enemies of Syria

US, allies fanning the flames of conflict in Syria: Analyst

america_the_great_satan1The United States and its allies are fanning the flames of the armed conflict in Syria, says a political analyst.
Richard Becker, an analyst with the ANSWER coalition, made the remark in an interview with Press TV.
Referring to the presidential election in Syria, Becker said the US and its allies in Syria do not want to see an election that will help resolve the situation in Syria.
Syrians have voted in Syria’s presidential election across the government-controlled areas of the country in high numbers. People from all walks of life and different religious communities turned up at the polling stations to exercise their right to choose the country’s next president.
Incumbent President Bashar al-Assad, parliament member Maher al-Hajjar and businessman Hassan al-Nouri, who are competing for the top post, also cast their ballots at the early hours of the voting on Tuesday.

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