US action not to change anything in Syria

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No measure by the US will change the fate of Syria, nor will also those of Washington’s allies and the terrorist groups backed by them, chief of an Islamic broadcasters association in Iraq said on Saturday.

The Americans are trying to prevent the Resistance Front from growing in the region, and at the same time they seek to guarantee the security of the Zionist regime of Israel, Ali Karimian told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Condemning the recent attacks by Washington and its European allies on Syria on Saturday, the secretary-general of the Islamic Radios and Television Union said, ‘The US interference in the region is not a new issue; it has been one of the factors behind creating the crisis and hatching plots against the Syrian people and government.’

The US in cooperation with France and Britain launched a series of attacks on some targets in Syria.

Washington claims that it was a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack near Damascus. The US blames the attack on the government of Syria.

‘Today we are witnessing victories of the Resistance Front, as well as those of the Syrian army and government, and no threat or action by the US has worked so far,’ Karimian said.


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