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URGENT: First images of civilian, rebel evacuation in east Aleppo



In approximately three and a half hours, the first evacuation of rebels and civilians from east Aleppo will commence, as per the ceasefire agreement that was put in place on Tuesday.

The jihadist rebels have already begun filling up the buses with their wounded fighters, despite being told by government handlers that they are not permitted to leave for a few hours.

Once the wounded are evacuated, the civilians that want to leave eastern Aleppo will be transported to the Rashiddeen 4 suburb that is located in the southwestern part of the provincial capital.

The jihadist rebels are expected to be the last group to be transported from east Aleppo; they will be permitted to carry their small arms, but they are to turn-in all heavy weapons prior to leaving the area.

One of the first buses to arrive in east Aleppo.

Following the departure of jihadist rebels, the Syrian and Russian engineers will begin demining the entire area to ensure its safety before their troops enter.

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