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Up to 70 Terrorists Killed by the Syrian Air Force in Busra Al-Sham

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SAAF) dealt a severe blow to the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) Central Command on Monday, killing an estimated 70 enemy combatants, including 5 FSA commanders at the southern Dara’a city of Busra Al-Sham.

The airstrikes that targeted the FSA gathering at Busra Al-Sham were said to have been planned by the SAA Central Command; this contingency was strategized after a reconnaissance aircraft captured footage of a large concentration of rebel militants present at the city-center.

After receiving intel from the reconnaissance aircraft, the SAAF struck the large agglomeration of rebel fighters in Busra Al-Sham with a barrage of merciless bombardments that provided little room for escape.

Among the dead enemy combatants were 4 FSA-affiliated commanders that were identified by Syrian Opposition activists on social media as Ahmad Hisham Al-‘Awada (Leader of Liwaa Al-Sunnah), Ahmad ‘Abdullah Al-Ta’amah (Brigade commander of Liwaa Al-Sunnah), Iyad Al-Douss (Leader of Kata’eb Ibn Katheer Lanis Al-Kurdi), Maher Qassim Al-Hajji Al-Moqdad (Leader of Liwaa Tahrir Busra Al-Sham), and Sa’eed Hamid Al-‘Umar Al-Moqdad (Another leader of Liwaa Tahrir Busra Al-Sham).

Also reported amongst the dead militants were the two deputies for Liwaa Tahrir Busra Al-Sham: Mahmoud and Mohammad ‘Abdel-Ghani Al-Hajji Al-Moqdad.

Source: Almasdarnews

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