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UNHRC urged to condemn Dara’a attack

364158_militants-Syria-Syria’s Foreign Ministry has called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to condemn the appalling killings of Syrian people by Takfiri militants in the city of Dara’a.
Syria’s official news agency SANA reported on Saturday that at least 39 people had lost their lives in a mortar attack on an election campaign rally in Dara’a late on Thursday.
“[The Massacre] is part of a chain of premeditated crimes targeting the Syrians and their beliefs with the aim to undermine their civilization and transform Syria into a hub for terrorism and backwardness,” the ministry said in a letter sent to the UNHRC on Sunday.
According to the report, some 205 people were also wounded in the attack, while 14 of the injured are in critical condition.
They also said in the letter that shells fired by militants target schools, hospitals, worshipping places and, more recently, civilian gatherings on a daily basis with the aim to kill the largest possible numbers of Syrian people.
The letter further criticized Western and regional countries namely Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France, Brittan and the US for providing direct support for the Takfiri militants fighting against the government of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
“These countries have long sought to foster terrorism in Syria, falsely believing that that they might be immune to it. Terrorism has, however, come back to haunt the same countries that have backed it,” it said.
Anti-Damascus Takfiri groups have recently stepped up their fatal attacks against Syrians in several cities and towns as the Arab country is preparing to hold an important presidential election on June 3.
The presidential vote will be held in the government-controlled parts of the crisis-hit country. Syrians living abroad are also set to vote on May 28.
Damascus has insisted that it would hold the presidential poll despite the foreign-backed militancy that has reportedly killed over 160,000 people and displaced millions of others since it erupted in Syria in March 2011.

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