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Two bomb attacks by Inhuman ISIL kill more than 20 Syria Kurds

Two bomb attacks targeting Syrian Kurds celebrating the new year Nowruz festival in northern Syria, have killed and wounded dozens of people.

According Syria’s state media and the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday, twin bomb attack targeted Kurds celebrating their New Year in the northeastern city of Hasakah.

The observatory put the number of those killed in the attacks at over 20 with the group’s director, Rami Abdel Rahman, saying, “More than 20 people were killed when a kamikaze bomber detonated his explosives at a gathering in Hasakah on the eve of Nowruz.”

He added that a second bomb exploded at another Nowruz celebration, wounding dozens of people.

The observatory also mentioned total number of people killed or wounded in the attacks at about 100.

The observatory said one of the attacks was carried out by a bomber who belonged to the ISIL Takfiri terrorist group.

Kurdish fighters have been fighting ISIL for months in battles that have left hundreds dead.

Hasakah Province is predominantly Kurdish but the ISIL controls parts of it bordering Turkey and Iraq.

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