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Turkish Army Enters Syria’s Northern Territories Illegally



Turkish military forces, once again, crossed the the country’s Southern border with Syria’s Northern province of Aleppo and set up a checkpoint in the region.

A large number of Turkish soldiers, accompanied by several armored vehicles, entered the territory of Syria from Jandires region 700 meter away from the Northwestern lands of Aleppo and set up a military checkpoint to monitor civilians’ movements in the border region.

In relevant developments in but in Hasaka province in Northern Syria, A group of the Turkish Army’s armored vehicles and construction machineries crossed the border from Turkey to Syria’s Northeastern province of Hasaka.

The Turkish soldiers crossed into the Syrian territories from Nusaybin border crossing.

Turkish soldiers, accompanied by two tanks, a bulldozer and several trucks, entered the territory of Syria near the Turkish city of Nusaybin and launched digging operation in the region between Nusaybin and Qamishli.

Earlier today, intelligence sources disclosed that the Turkish army, in close cooperation with the terrorist groups, has been transferring militants, arms and ammunition from Idlib to Aleppo and vice versa via Turkey’s Southeastern territories.

“Camps near the small town of Atimeh in the Western part of Idlib province and the Turkish border checkpoint of Bukulmez have been continuously used to dispatch terrorists and military equipment from Idlib to Aleppo through the Southeastern territories of Turkey,” the sources said.

“Our agents have recently detected a 15-vehicle convoy of Jeish al-Fatah near Atimeh heading towards Bukulmez border to go to Aleppo province via Turkey,” the sources said, adding, “Atmieh and Bukulmez have been used recently as the main passage for sending hundreds of terrorists and their military equipment from Idlib to the Northern battlefields of Aleppo.”


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