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Turkey, US, Israel, West, Qatar, KSA, Jordan, UAE-backed ISIL terrorists raped, killed a young girl


A young Kurdish boy and his sister were hiding in terror when the ISIS terrorists discovered the young girl, then raped and killed her!

Kurdish fighters later rescued the little boy who fell ­sobbing into their arms.

Its hard to imagine what a horrible moment the boy has gone through when they raped and killed his sister in front of his eyes! And they are only kids!

“IS are animals. They’re not human. They have a blood lust the like of which I’ve never seen – it’s as if they enjoy killing.”

“They revel in cutting heads off – it’s like their trademark.”

This is how people who encountered ISIS describe them.

“My 11-year-old son was dragged off a bus by IS. They found a copy of the Koran in his pocket that my wife had given him for luck. They ripped it to pieces and threw it on the floor. Realising he was Kurdish, they pushed him into a line to be taken away and beheaded.”

The way ISIS screwed the image of Muslims and Islam is one thousand times worse than what all other evil-doers have done to Muslims combined!

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