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Turkey-Trained ISIL Terrorist Arrested in Iraq


A senior member of the ISIL terrorist group who has been captured by Iraq’s security forces admitted that he had received military training in Turkey and sent to Iraq.
“A team of the army’s intelligence forces arrested an ISIL terrorist near Baqubah who has been trained in Turkey,” Sadeq al-Hosseini, the head of the security committee of Diyala province’s council, announced on Sunday in an interview with al-Soumeriya news channel.

“The activities of terrorist groups to recruit and train the Iraqis are not limited to the country and ISIL cells are stationed in certain neighboring states and are recruiting and brainwashing them.”

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are both part of an effort to create an alleged “Islam Army,” ostensibly aimed at combating terrorism in the region and consisting of 34 Sunni Islam nations.

Almost the entire range of extremist and terrorist groups are supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, with their key commanders and leaders being Saudi nationals. ISIL, Al-Nusra and other extremist groups pursue the same line of ideology exercised and promoted by Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism. Hundreds of Saudi clerics are among the ranks of ISIL and Al-Nusra to mentor the militants.

Wahhabism is now the only source of the textbooks taught at schools in the self-declared capital of the ISIL terrorist group, Raqqa, in Northeastern Syria resembling the texts and lessons taught to schoolgoers in Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi ideology, an extremist version of Sunni Islam that is promoted almost only in Saudi Arabia, sees all other faiths – from other interpretations of Sunni Islam to Shiism, Christianity and Judaism – as blasphemy, meaning that their followers should be decapitated as nonbelievers.

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